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PA Photographer | Foraging Dandelions

In the Springtime one of my favorite activities to do alone and with the children is foraging!!! Spending time outdoors, in nature and collecting all of the amazing goodies that start growing up and out of the earth from Spring into late Fall.

Dandelions [Taraxacum officinale ] are often considered "pesky weeds" but in actuality I've come to find out this persistent wildflower is so so incredibly important to us.

If you are like me and enjoy learning more about the natural foods the earth has to offer us then, I highly recommend looking into the different plants that pop up locally around you. The more research I do on ALL THINGS that are wild edibles the more I can't believe I would just pass over so many plants that are full of nutritious benefits.

Not only do I enjoy getting outside into nature but I also love photographing the flowers after picking them.

For more information How to forage, Plant Identification & eating wild edibles you can look into these resources below:

Happy Foraging!

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